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  1. Leather Puppy Hood

    Are you a puppy or a dog looking for the perfect hood? Or are you a trainer looking for a hood for your loyal puppydog? 

    If yes, consider this Devus Premium Leather Puppy Hood. This hood was designed with the help of several pups we know and with feedback from PupZone members to be the best leather puppy hood on the market.

    The hood is designed to have a realistic dog appearance, and to help you and your pup to get into role.

    Unzip the muzzle for full access to the mouth. It has a removable mouth SILICONE gag that closed easily with Velcro belts, and can be removed or put on while the hood is being used. Our Leather mask fits easily with generous leather hair-guard and very thick laces. The hood has a leather collar with lockable buckle and 3 D-rings for attach a leash.

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  2. Leather Hood - Double Skinned

    This beautiful quality hood is made from the finest leather. By simply closing or opening the zipper a total change of look and a change of experience from the sub inside.

    Open the front buckle and unzip, and your sub can see, breathe easily, use their tongue through the mouth hole. Close the zip and buckle up the collar, and your sub is plunged into darkness and enveloped in leather, breathing is restricted through the zip and they are flooded with the smell of leather.

    Pure Black leather outer hood and leather inner hood with leather reinforced around the eyes and mouth. Two D rings, one at each side, Collar buckles at the front, and at the back, allowing the front to be opened easily while still secured and for easy on/off. Zipper can be opened to the chin without opening the collar, or the collar can be opened at the front and the flaps completely opened and separated.

    Some of this hood's premium features

    • Quality YKK steel zipper.
    • Reinforced eyelets for the lacing at the back.Pure black lacing.
    • Steel reinforced nose breathing holes.
    • Premium D rings and Buckles
    • Collar attached with 20 quality rivets.
    • All rivets are covered with leather on the inside so do not touch the skin.
    • Quality stitching throughout
    • Generous leather hair-guard flap keeps even long hair out of the lacing.

    Experience the feeling of a sensational look at a Devus price! If you are serious about bondage think Devus.

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  3. Leather Hood with Zippers

    Classic Look Strong hood made from quality sensually  black leather.

    Lace up back with generous hair guard means even long hair does not get caught in the lacing.

    Lockable collar with 3 welded quality D-Rings to restrain your sub or to attached a lead or rope.

    Quality YKK zips for eyes and mouth

    Buckle can be used with or without padlocks. (Padlocks not supplied).

    Some of the features of this hood -
    • Locking buckle collar can be used with out without lock.
    • 3 Quality D rings, one at the front and one at each side for multiple restraint or lead attachment possibilities.
    • Quality rivets throughout, all are covered with leather on the inside so they do not touch the skin.
    • Steel reinforced lacing holes.
    • Generous leather hair-guard flap keeps even long hair out of the lacing.
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  4. Executioner Mask - Leather

    Regular Price: £81.50

    Special Price £40.00

    Strong hood made from quality sensually soft leather.

    Lace-up back and half covers face for anonymity and a menacing appearance. Based on a traditional executioners mask.

    Sizes (Measured around forehead)
    • Small/Medium: 21"-24" (54cm- 61cm)
    • Medium/Large: 22.5"-25" (57cm- 66cm)
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  5. Premium Leather Studded Centurian Slave Hood

    Regular Price: £165.50

    Special Price £139.00

    Premium Leather Slave Hood covered in cone studs.

    Visually very exciting and a thrill to wear.

    Lockable collar can also be closed without a lock. Double lined and stitched eye holes. Generous grommet mouth hole (36mm 1.45") so you can still use your slave's mouth.

    Any slave is going to be proud to wear this fine hood.

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  6. Premium Leather Red Hood with Gag and blindfold
    Strong hood made from quality sensually soft red and black leather. Lockable collar The lockable padded blindfold also serves as a strap around the head further securing and restricting the hood. Long lasting, hygienic silicone penis gag, no rubber or plastic in the mouth, also attached to a locking strap further restricting and securing the hood. Gag is securely mounted and riveted to a leather disc, attached to the strap but allowed to move for comfort. All buckles can be used with or without padlocks. (Padlocks not supplied). Warning: China is turning out cheap copies of this hood made from fake leather and several unscrupulous sites are selling them using images of the real thing. The fit and quality is nothing like the real thing. Learn More

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