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15 Oct


Useful guide to How to Clean Your Arse / Ass before Anal Sex presented in an entertaining way with drawings.

How to clean your ass


Two types of cleaning
02 Oct

Meet the Lubido Family

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Meet The Family

Lubido have just added a new product to the family, a 500ml version of their best selling water based lube. With the same easy lock bottle and pump click, now you can get even more bang for your buck!

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27 Sep

Bound to Please

NEW: Our new range of restraints and toys is Bound to Please.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, the silicone restraints and gags are strong, comfortable and can be easily cleaned.

The range includes metal toys too, from Cock Rings to Nipple Clamps, and a range of rope in vibrant colours.

Check out the range.

27 Sep


Get your man. Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze line of hard case masturbators now offers Man Squeeze, a collection created especially for men who love men.

NEW IN Doc Johnson MAN SQUEEZE Male masturbators.

  • Textured ULTRASKYN™ Masturbator with Hard Outer Case.
  • Fully Disassembles for Cleaning.
  • Perky Round Ass with Lifelike Opening
  • Squeeze Plate Allows User to Control Pressure
  • End Cap Creates Intense Suction
  • Base Twists to Adjust Suction Strength
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  • Includes Complete Care and Usage Instructions

Get your man. Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze line of hard case masturbators now offers Man Squeeze, a collection created especially for men who love men. Crafted with a suction-adjusting end cap and squeezable grip that lets you vary the tightness of each stroke, Bear features a larger exterior ass shape in lifelike ULTRASKYN™, with a tight hole at the entry that relaxes deeper inside. Just like its Main Squeeze™ counterparts, this stroker is crafted with a unique internal texture to make you feel like you’ve tamed the manly beast you lust for. The double-cap hardshell design doubles as a discreet travel and storage case, keeping your Man Squeeze fresh and ready for whenever the mood strikes.

14 Nov

Temporary Neutering via Testicular Heating

Ever wished your slave would stop performing irritating habits? Ever wondered if you could get your pup to stop complaining about your bad habits? In this advanced form of training, you can “mould” your dog-slave into a pup that only wants to serve, doesn’t care about anything except you, and only looks forward to the next “heating”. Follow these steps, and that pup will only care about two things, you, and when it’ll get the next “heating”.

Basically, this system allows you, the master, to control your dog-slaves sex drive. Repeated “heating” neuters your dog slave to the point where all it wants is to serve you. The techniques described can be abused. When heating is in progress, your dog-slave is extremely susceptible to suggestions and orders. CAUTION though, don’t go too hot. Extreme heating or “super heating” can burn, or even permanently damage your puppy.

Materials Needed

A quantity of 6 “heat packs”. These are standard gel heating packs that are available at most pharmacies and pound stores.

A “crock pot” or another similar device. A crock-pot is an electric cooker which slow-cooks stews and such foods. We use it to heat the heat packs. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE A MICROWAVE OVEN FOR HEATING THE PACKS. {Unless you can avoid a trip to the hospital! }Microwaves heat them too hot and can damage your puppy’s testicles.

A cut-off sock. Used for insulating the testicles. The toe section of a wool sock makes the perfect insulator, simply slip it around the testicles and tie.

A bootlace or similar device is used to tie off the testicles. They should be tight, but not such that all blood flow is cut off. Our purpose is to reversibly neuter, not permanently destroy.

A piece of blanket, or other good, flexible insulator. Cut a hole in it such that it slips over the tied testicles and insulates the rest of the crotch area. You should also make it big enough that you can wrap up the package, using the piece of blanket to hold the heat packs in place.

How to Heat

Set your crock-pot to low, and put in water and your 6 heat packs. You can jump-start the process by putting in hot water. Once the packs have started to heat up:

Slip a luke warm heat pack into your dog’s underwear. Let his balls begin to drop. This is very important, as the first tie-off should be comfortable. You might want to do this a couple of times over a 20-minute duration that’ll ensure that pups balls are ready for tying.

Put your dogslaves balls in the cut-off sock, and tie them off. Don’t tie too tight, just tight enough such that your dogslave feels comfortable. This comfort is important as your dogslave must trust you. Too tight and the tie will become uncomfortable and your pup will want out.

Insert your dogs tied balls through the hole you cut in your piece of blanket.

Make your dog sit in a chair.

Put one warm heat pack underneath the testicles, and put another on top.

Now, wrap the blanket such that it holds the packs in place.

{ Large amounts of alcohol or anything else you can come up with,can be used as a sedative & is recommended at this point ! }

Have your dogslave put on a pair of underwear or shorts to hold the whole thing in place.

It is very important that the dog doesn’t have contact with the heat packs. If it knows what the temperature is, it may shy away from the whole experience. Also, make sure the heat packs aren’t too hot at this stage. You should be able to comfortably hold a heat pack against your face, if you can’t, they’re too hot, so turn down your crock-pot.

Start rotating heat packs approximately every 30 minutes, then every 20 minutes, and then every 10 minutes. During this rotation, your dog will become very sedate. Talk to your pup, ask him who he serves and what his purpose is. Make sure he understands that he should serve only you. Tell him that heat is good. The hotter the better! Get creative, make a tape he can listen to. We’ve found that answering machine tapes are great. They repeat automatically the desired message over and over again. Make sure you have your dog wear headphones though so you don’t have to put up with it.

Check the temperature of your dog’s balls. It should be quite warm in there after an hour or two. Once it is warm, re-tie the testicles a little tighter. Your dog should actually ask you for this if you’re heating properly.

Try to get your dog to beg for more heat. It may take repeated heating before he’ll beg, but eventually, he will. Once he starts begging for more heat you can start super-heating.


Your dog will learn to love being heated. It makes your pup feel warm all over and makes him love you and serve you better than ever before. If you’re doing things right, your dogs cum will become clear, a sign that it’s no longer producing sperm. This is the desired result, as reduced sperm means reduced testosterone and more time for serving you, and less time touching himself. The next step is to add super-heating to the end of the heating session. To superheat, turn your crock pot to high, make sure the water isn’t boiling though if so, turn it down or you’ll damage your pup.

Have your pup sit on a table, or anywhere that he can spread his legs widely.

It’s a good idea to add a second cut-off sock to the one you’ve already got in place. This will give an extra layer of insulation so you won’t shock your puppy with the heat of the pack.

{ More alcohol or other should be continued throughout the superheating session. }

Again, place one pack on top and one on the bottom. Rotate these packs every 4 to 6 minutes for about 20 to 30 minutes. Usually, your pup will climax and end the session in about 20 minutes, but if he doesn’t, you should terminate the session within 30 minutes.

Hypnotic State and Suggested Affirmations

You should make a tape for your dog to listen to. If not, talk to him, tell him he’s a stupid dog and that you’re the master. Ask him who his master is. Ask him what his purpose in life is (serving you). For the tape, we suggest statements like “Heat is good” “More Heat” “You serve only —–” “the hotter the better” . Don’t make suggestions like “you’re never hungry”, instead say “your master wants you thinner”, or “you only eat when your master says you can eat”. Your dogs lave will have these statements ringing in his head long after the heating is over. If you make a suggestion like “you’re never hungry” then the concept of hunger, and thus eating, will ring through your dog-slaves head when you’re not around. A good tape requires some thought in advance.

Short-Term Effects

Your pup will be far more subservient. He’ll want your direction, and he’ll beg for more heat. Eventually, he won’t be able to cum without heat. His cum will become clear, and he’ll become more submissive.

Long-Term Effects

Subservience, submission, the dog will make every attempt to please you. It’ll decide it likes what you like, and you’ll seldom have to punish it.

Suggested Schedule

Heating should be done once a week initially. Once your dog-slave starts to beg for heating, 2 to 3 times per week is more than enough. Once it has been neutered (clear cum) 2 times a week is more than enough. If you really want to see the positive effect it’s had on your pup, stop heating for a month. You’ll see your dog-slave return to its rebellious former self, and you’ll start heating again right away.

05 Nov

12 Steps of Humility

Your decision to serve is a commitment to a life of humility. To reach the highest peak of humility, one must climb a ladder much like Jacob’s, upon which he saw angels climbing up and down. Ascend the ladder by humbling yourself; descend by praising yourself.

  1. The first step of humility is prompt obedience. This obedience must be without fear, laziness, hesitancy or protest. Work done in a dispirited or grudging manner will go without reward, and may actually earn punishment.
  2. The second step of humility is the rejection of self-will and self-pleasure. Careless and self-serving ways have no place in your life. “Self-will has its punishment, necessity its crown.” (Acts of the Martyrs)
  3. The third step of humility is obedient submission to your superiors in all things. You must believe that your superiors know what is best for you, and you must act accordingly.
  4. The fourth step of humility is patient and quiet acceptance of everything inflicted upon you, whether painful, unjust, or even against your nature. When struck on one cheek, turn the other; when forced to carry a burden one mile, go two.
  5. The fifth step of humility is to keep no secrets from your superiors. Declare your offences, whether of thought or deed, openly and without hesitation.
  6. The sixth step of humility is contented recognition of your station as a poor and worthless workman who must always do his best and try his hardest in all appointed tasks.
  7. The seventh step of humility is a confession of your inferiority in the depths of your heart.
  8. The eighth step to humility is to seek only that which the common good of the household you serve or the example of your superiors demands.
  9. The ninth step of humility is silence. Speak only when asked a question or given permission to speak.
  10. The tenth step of humility is restraint from laughter and frivolity. A sense of humour may be highly valued by your superiors, but unrestrained laughter and frivolity are disruptive to the serenity of the household.
  11. The eleventh step of humility is to speak gently, without jests, simply, seriously, tersely, rationally, and softly. A few words well spoken are more effective than rambling discourses.
  12. The twelfth step of humility is to live with humility in your heart, in your appearance, and in your actions. Whether sitting, standing or walking, keep your head down, eyes on the ground. Know in your heart and show in your actions that you are “bowed down and totally humbled.” (Psalms)

When you have climbed all twelve steps you will find the love which casts out all fear, by which everything observed anxiously before will now appear simple and natural.

30 Oct

Tips for Tops

By BlondePete, used with permission.

This is a page of a few tips and do’s & don’ts for beginners – experienced BDSM guys will, of course, know all this (and the bits I’ve intentionally left out ;-). Everything is not necessarily the “Right” way to do it, but it works for me. Some things on this page aren’t strictly true, but you’ll find that out for yourself and, unfortunately, some things have to be learnt the hard way. Once you know what you’re doing you won’t need rules.

Sorry if this spoils the spontaneity and excitement but there’s plenty of time for that when you know what you’re doing and you’re with someone you play with regularly.

When you start being a Top it’s like being a learner car driver, you have to think of every action before you do it and it all seems hard work when you are an experienced driver/Topmost of what you do happens automatically and you can really enjoy the experience.

You’ll miss a lot of fun if you limit yourself too much as regards types of guys you will play with, don’t judge by looks and age or you’ll miss out on a lot. And although I’m biased, often guys who switch make some of the best subs, don’t be frightened – they won’t turn you over unless you beg nicely. 

There are probably less than a dozen really great tops in the UK, you can get very good at the technique with practice and become a very good Top – but a great Top thinks in a way you can’t learn and has a natural confidence that can’t be faked, guys with the confidence, the technical skill and the understanding of the sub’s mind are very rare indeed.

Don’t forget that we are always learning, you never know it all!

General tips are:-

SAFETY – Always think what could possibly go wrong and be prepared for it. Have an action plan for emergencies, aim to be able to release someone in <30secs – 1min max.

Remember they could be unconscious or panicking, and do learn artificial respiration properly, if the worst happens you have <5 min to get them out and get them breathing!

In any event, if you’re dangerous word will very quickly get around.

Anything that comes into contact with body fluids or blood needs to be sterilised after use or disposed of. Metal can be sterilised by boiling for 30 mins or put in a hot oven for an hour. Most non-disposable rubber & plastic can be sterilised with baby feeding bottle tablets.

EMPATHY – Keep close to your sub, try to know all the time what he’s feeling and what condition he’s in, listen to his breathing, read his body language

This is invaluable not just for safety reasons but ideally you should be able to make the sub feel what you want him to when you want. If he hasn’t enjoyed the scene he probably won’t come back again. Remember that unless you’re paying for the privilege (offers by E-Mail considered! the guy isn’t there to give you a good time, he’s there to get off on it himself, although if he’s any good he’ll make sure you have a good time too. There are lots of subs about, but rather fewer really good ones, especially dogs and slaves.

Empathy is very important when Fisting if you approach it thinking about putting your hand in a hole you will do serious damage sooner or later.

COMPETENCE – Have a good idea of what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it, experimentation is fun but works it through beforehand.

It doesn’t make a very good scene and makes you look cool if you’re fumbling around looking for something for ages or get someone in a position you’ve no idea how to get them out of.

A scene should appear to flow effortlessly and slickly, you should always look as if you know exactly what you’re doing and there should be no evidence of the hours of preparation, construction and planning that’s gone on. 

Even if it is the first time you’ve done it, make it look like the hundredth. Of course, it’s very nice to have a regular sub who likes experimentation and who won’t mind too much if it all goes pear-shaped, so you can get some practice in beforehand.

Unless you know the sub very well do try and make an effort – appearing at the door in Farrah slacks and a cardigan just won’t do! For sub/dom scenes image is important.

INFORMATION– Get as much information about a new sub as possible, find out what he likes and dislikes, what his fantasies are, what his limits are, what he wants to try and his measurements!

Limits are there to be expanded but not ignored, and remember there’s a big difference between fantasy and reality, a lot of guys have fantasies that they wouldn’t enjoy having played out for real.

Let the sub know what you expect of him too, you might think yours is the “right” way things are done – but every Top is different, the subs last Top might have expected things done totally differently.

KNOWLEDGE – I’m going to make a few enemies here, but I don’t think you can be a good Top unless you’ve been a bottom first. How do you know how something feels and how far you can go if you haven’t experienced it yourself? You learn more from being tied up badly once than you learn from doing it badly a hundred times.

If you’ve no interest in being sub see if you can find another friendly Top who’s good at the scene you’re interested in, then he can let you experience it in a relaxed way with a running commentary if appropriate, or at the very least let you watch while he does it to someone else and talk you through it afterwards.

If your ego can stand it, you can learn a lot from subs too – some of them are very good at technique. A very good sub might even manipulate the whole scene without you knowing he’s doing it, but you will learn a lot *grin*


Obviously, with bondage, it’s very important to take into account everything that could go wrong, remember guys have passed out or vomited – I’ve done both, so be especially careful if there’s any restraint around the neck or hoods/gags used. Never leave a bottom alone if there’s any risk!

If a guy does pass out will you be able to release him? Remember he will be a dead weight hanging in the restraint, some buckles and clips will be impossible to release

The other golden rule is to check the extremities often to make sure the blood supply hasn’t been cut off for too long, pay particular attention to hands, feet, arms and balls – if they’re very cold or purple/blue it’s PAST time you released them. Don’t forget bits you can’t see too, hands in bondage mitts have the circulation cut off as much or more than with cuffs.

Any discomfort should be intentional and under your control, don’t let it happen by accident. Pay particular attention to any straps that might be cutting in, pressure on the forehead, nose and temples is very uncomfortable, arms can go to sleep quickly if above the head or if the upper arm is tightly constrained. If you’re doing mummification always put a thick soft pad between the ankles and make sure the arms and hands aren’t bound too tightly.

It is almost impossible to undo ropes or tight buckles when your hands are covered in lube, having to use your teeth does nothing for your image! Keep a few small towels handy, if you need to undo something quickly you don’t want to be hunting for something to wipe your hands on – anyway towels come in for wiping a lot of sticky things *grin*

A lot of bondage subs like to be left in bondage for quite long periods without any input from the Top, don’t feel you have to be doing things to them all the time – good chance for a ciggy break anyway Smiley

As with most BDSM scenes timing often makes all the difference to the success of a scene, as long as the sub is turned on he won’t notice discomfort and will probably enjoy some pain, but if you keep a scene going even 15mins too long it often just becomes irritating – Remember to keep reading your sub. It’s better to finish too soon than too late, if he leaves wanting more he’ll come back if you went too far he might not.

Really tight bondage can be great for 20-30 mins but can rapidly become very painful if left for longer – take the intended time into account when doing up hoods, or any kind of bondage.

A lot of the excitement in a bondage scene is feeling that you’re tied tightly, and totally at the mercy of the Top, so restraints have to be nice and tight without being so tight that they quickly become uncomfortable.


Fisting can be one of the most satisfying, emotional and horny things you can do with a guy, normally I keep BDSM out of fisting, but some guys do like bondage etc with it. However, you do it fisting should be done sensually and almost with love.

When you’re fisting always remember that it’s a person you’re doing it to, not a hole. I always concentrate on my hand, what it’s doing and what the guy’s arse is doing, not on the outside of the guy, the important stuff is all happening inside, physically and mentally. Don’t only think about what you’re doing to an arse, think about what it’s doing back to you.

Feel how the guys muscles are responding and if he tightens up temporarily slow down until he loosens again – Fisting is done with someone, not to them! When you get good at fisting you can feel exactly what the guy is feeling, the sense of being with someone totally can be wonderful.

In most circumstances all movements should be smooth and gentle, don’t jerk or force anything although considerable pressure might be needed initially to get your fist in, jerking will often make the muscles tighten and cause problems. When a guy is open and relaxed you can start to put more effort in, but always feel what is happening, he can tighten at any time.

Most guys need quite a bit of initial warming up to relax their arse, playing with toys can help a lot.

A good tip is to find the way out of the arse (entrance to the colon) before you get your fist in and play with it to relax it – it’s sometimes not easy to find or get into once your fist is in the arse. Be very gentle with the colon, it has 4 delicate muscle rings, which get progressively smaller, in its length which need stretching and relaxing carefully.

If you’re pushing a guys limits depth wise and have had to slowly work your way up the colon, round all the possible twists and turns remember to work your hand out equally carefully, if you pull out quickly you could do a lot of damage.

No two guys arses and especially colons are the same and the difference is quite large both in size and layout, you have to discover how each new guy you fist is arranged inside, don’t assume that what works for one guy will work with another


Make sure any pain and discomfort you inflict is intentional and under your control, it shouldn’t happen by accident. A good Top can inflict more pain without causing damage, than a bad one can with damage. If anything still shows after a few days (except possibly old bruising), you aren’t doing it right.

For any sub to take really heavy pain you have to work up over a period of time, done right it’s surprising how much most guys can actually take.

Whipping & Flogging

Whipping is not CP, CP is a ghastly British invention that’s a pale imitation of the real thing, I get no pleasure being hit clumsily with a paddle or riding crop while being told to “count the strokes”

As with general pain the main tip for whipping is to work up slowly, once the endorphin levels have built up and a sub is getting off on the scene you can build the force up to surprisingly high levels.

Try to avoid hitting the same spot repeatedly, move the target area with each stroke and remember areas that have already had a lot of work are much more sensitive.

The trick is to judge the force of the blows so that the sub can just take it, then back off slightly before working up to higher levels, in this way there is almost no limit to what someone can take. Also try to make the strokes predictable both in location and force, they are much easier to get into if they don’t come as a surprise.

Personal note here – if you’re hitting the arse for god sake don’t miss and hit the balls by mistake!!

If you are using a paddle you must hit flat and avoid tilting the paddle or hitting with the end as these cause bad bruising. paddles are good on the arse but not much use anywhere else.

The area above the waist to the sides where the kidneys are MUST be treated as a NO GO AREA. It’s possible to hit the kidneys and not cause a great deal of pain (for some guys it will cause excruciating agony). The danger is that bruised kidneys can stop functioning and the guy can end up in hospital in a very serious condition. Avoid striking near the spine as well.

Never use heavy implements for striking blows, items such as rubber night sticks etc can cause severe internal damage without leaving any marks on the surface of the skin, and often without causing a lot of pain.

Areas you can work on quite hard are, in order of heaviness:- Arse, Shoulders, Thighs, Chest – all other areas must be treated with caution.


Piercings can be great fun to play with and make marvellous places to attach things to, but it is easy to put too much strain on a piercing and tear it out of the skin or tear a tit off altogether! So never attach anyone by a piercing if there’s a chance they can fall or put too much weight on it.

Piercings that aren’t completely healed should be avoided altogether, they can easily become infected, can tear easily and are very sensitive.

Avoid hitting areas over the piercings, especially PA, this can produce bruises very easily.

Never put clamps over piercings (e.g. tits) the pressure is concentrated on the small ring area and causes damage rapidly – put clamps to one side of piercings.

If you’re taking someone out to a club or party it’s a good idea not to attach anything to piercings, some idiot is bound to tug on it hard and could rip it out. The same applies to anything that someone could damage.

Breath Control

This is that big black area that frightens a lot of guys, but it can be very, very exciting if done properly, I’m not going to give tips about BC here because I think it’s something you really need to learn from an expert. If you don’t know all about it don’t experiment!

But for guys who do know all about it, just one tip – TIMING. A guy doesn’t need or even notice that he can’t really breathe just before he cums, but you have to know the sub to get it just right.

Don’t forget BC can be a really frightening experience, but it’s something that goes very wrong if a guy panics, so heavy BC is not often something you can do at the first meeting, it needs the sub to totally trust the Top – that takes time.

If you are already experienced at breath control and like my equipment, I’ve got a set of plans that I’m willing to send to the right guys.


Lot’s of guys really get off on having their cock/balls tied up tightly, but tightly bound balls get very painful and very sensitive after a period, check them regularly. After a long session just touching the balls can be agony, fine if you’re doing it intentionally, but bear it in mind if you aren’t.

Be very careful if you are attaching the balls to something immovable if the sub slips or falls very serious injury can occur, either use weights or an attachment that will come off before serious damage occurs.

The cock can take a surprising amount of punishment and still feel amazing as long as you work up slowly, as with most things the timing is crucial, it’s very easy to go over the top.

Try gently rubbing just the head of the cock with a well-lubed hand, this can have guys begging you to make them cum – a lot of fun!


If you’re into tit play in a big way yourself you’ll already know what works, if you aren’t then the best way is to start off lightly and as the sub gets more turned on increasing the pressure, he will be able to take much more just before he cums than when you start, again read the sub and you’ll get it right.

Bear in mind that tits that have had rough treatment in the previous day or so are much more sensitive than normal. Heavy work on very sore tits can be a big turn off!

Tits get very sensitive after being worked on hard, bear it in mind – If the tits aren’t fully recovered after 2 days though you’re doing it wrong!

Some tit clamps can pierce the skin, if you use these remember to sterilise them after use, just in case.

For guys into it, tit work can be more of a turn on than having their cock worked on – learn how to work tits well and you’ll have a lot of fans Smiley

(Of course, if you damage their tits badly you might never see them again)

Long Scenes

Long Scenes, ranging from overnight to over a week, have all the same challenges as normal length scenes plus a few unique problems.

Timing is even more critical with a long scene and usually, some breaks are needed, if you keep the scene too intense for too long the sub can go over the top and lose interest.

It can be really exciting to sleep in some form of bondage, but make sure the position is comfortable (not hands behind the back) and that nothing is too tight, something that is exciting for an hour can become difficult to bear after several hours and it doesn’t take much to interfere with sleep. Cramp and circulation problems happen easily with long scenes.

Rubber has its own problems in long scenes, a body totally covered in rubber has very little heat regulation ability, rubber is a very poor insulator but does prevent the normal cooling mechanism of sweating. After several hours it is likely someone in full rubber will be either freezing or getting heat stroke/dehydration, for a long full rubber scene ambient temperature control is vital.


Electro play is a lot of fun, but there are a couple of things to remember:-

Never apply any electro across the chest, it can interfere with the heart. It’s probably better to avoid using electro above the waist at all.

Be careful around piercings, the contact area of a piercing is very small and you can easily cause burning inside the piercing.

Don’t expect me to get everything I’ve mentioned right all the time, being a good Top isn’t easy and I’ve still got a lot to learn

28 Oct

Bondage – What is it?

Bondage is getting your kicks from restraining someone, or being restrained, with rope, metal, specialist gear (such as a Straitjacket or Handcuffs) or furniture.

It is also known as –

  • B&D (bondage and discipline/domination)
  • BDSM (bondage and discipline/domination and submission, sadomasochism.)

Hanky code colour: Grey, or by rope or handcuffs, worn:

  • on the left (wants to tie up)
  • on the right (wants to be tied up).

Mummification is a form of bondage where someone is immobilised by being wrapped from head to toe in Duct tape, parcel tape, cling-film (Saran Wrap) or Pallet-wrap. This has its own special concerns, too tight a bondage can result in shallow breathing or mean breathing takes more effort, which then can result in asphyxiation.

Chastity can be considered as a form of cock bondage, restraining the cock via a Chastity Device, preventing erections and/or masturbation.

Often a combination of objects are used to restrain:

Rope, straps, collars, cuffs and harnesses combined to immobilise someone. Using a spreader bar to force limbs apart, being tied to specialist furniture like a St. Andrew’s Cross, or just an ordinary chair. Restriction with handcuffs, manacles, straitjackets or sleep-sacks. Being tied hanging from a frame or structure is called suspension bondage.


For many, the kick comes from feeling helpless, struggling against the restraints, or from having control over someone, watching them struggle.

For the one being restrained, there is the physical feeling of being tightly bound, or the feeling of rubber, leather, metal, rope or other retraints against their body. There is an erotic thrill of making yourself vulnerable, dominated, unable to resist, giving up control to another person.

The Bondage Top may have the thrill of a feeling of power over the other person, and feeling their trust in allowing themselves to be restrained. They may get off on seeing the discomfort of their ‘victim’.

Bondage gives a sense of danger, but in a safe way. It plays on feelings of humiliation and control, and can be used in role play such as Master and slave, Police officer and criminal etc.

It must be emphasised that everything must always be consensual, and consent can be withdrawn at any time. Anything else is a criminal assault.

Bondage can also heighten the pleasure of orgasm through controlling or denying the ability to come.


Being restrained: Allowing yourself to be restrained has some obvious risks:

Robbery: Especially if you are tied up in your own home, you may just be left tied and robbed. This can also happen if you are carrying valuables, such as a mobile phone.

Sexual Assault: You may assume that there will be no sex, or that all sex will be ‘safe’, your partner may be assuming the opposite. Discuss it beforehand and ensure both parties know what is expected.

Physical Harm: Either intentional or accidental. Accidents do happen. Some say a top is more likely to call an ambulance if you are in his or her home. If you are tied up at your place, or in a hotel, they may just panic and leave.

They might leave you tied up: Even if none of the above happen, it can be a problem to be found tied up later, by the hotel cleaner perhaps.

Being restrained for long periods can result in positional asphyxiation or other dangers. Someone tied face-down on a bed means their weight is on their chest, and the muscles that provide breathing can get tired, what seemed like an easy position may cause problems with breathing after some time.

If someone is hooded or gagged, consider what might happen if they were to throw up, would they suffocate, or inhale it.

Never leave someone restrained, not even for a few moments, especially if they are gagged. If they are covered you can’t see signs of distress, such as being pale, red, facial expressions. Check bound limbs for blood flow, are they pale, cold, swollen.

Never put anything tight around the neck, this can restruct breathing, blood flow or cause nerve damage.

Allowing yourself to be tied up or restrained by someone you don’t know has obvious risks:


Don’t assume things, talk about it, make your boundaries clear. This might involve no sex, or only safe sex, no drugs, no restrictions on breathing.

Everything must be consenting, and consent must be able to be withdrawn at any time. Doing anything without consent is a serious assault and may lead to criminal charges. Establish a safe-word if possible, but if someone is gagged or otherwise resticted from speaking a specific noise can be used. “Mmm mmm mmm” is one which anyone who can breathe can do. You might give them something to hold that they can drop should they want to stop. Often it is good to have a system of checking how someone is coping, ask if the retraing one is OK, maybe two squeezes of your hand means they are, and three means they are not and want you to take it easy.


Restraining yourself can lead to lethal accidents when there is no-one to untie you if something should go wrong. One of the biggest dangers in this scene is self-administered breath control. We have lost experienced friends to this and know of several others who have died from breath control accidents. Breath control is never 100% safe, even with someone else looking out for you. The problem with doing it alone is that the thrill comes when you are in most danger and it is very easy to go too far. Our recommendation is to NEVER do breath control alone.

Being restrained under the influence of drugs, including alcphol, makes it more dangerous. People are more likely to pass out, vomit, take more risks. People who have breathing problems, such as Asthma, heart conditions, epilepsy or other conditions should take extra care and maybe avoid the more restrictive forms of bondage.

Restraining yourself (self bondage) risks a lethal accident for the same reasons that things can go wrong when two are playing.


Pretending to leave someone can be a real kick. I once tied someone blindfolded to the wall in a club and said I’d be back in half an hour. In reality I was only steps away making sure they were OK. If you restrain someone you are responsible for them. Never leave someone tied as you may come back to find they have suffocated, had their circulation cut off, suffered nerve damage or worse.


Make sure you can release him quickly in an emergency.

For handcuffs, padlocks and metal restraints ensure you have the key handy and check all locks before you start.

Rope, leather etc.

Some sort of cutting tool, such as EMT shears, should always be handy, you don’t always have time to untie that troublesome knot.


Never tie someone so tightly that they cannot breathe easily, or that their circulation is cut off or nerves compressed. You should always be able to put one finger between the skin and the rope. Spread the pressure from restraits either by using proper cuffs or if just using rope turn several looks around the limb with the one finger gap, and then tie these looks down.

Avoid anything tied around the neck. Always consider what might happen if someone faints or otherwise passes out. For example, someone is standing and their balls are connected by a rope to something above their head, what if they faint? Someone is tied with their arms tied above their head, if they were to faint would you be able to lift them and hold them while untying the ropes?

Long scenes

In long scenes never leave anyone unattended. Consider that Gags or Hoods may risk suffocation should they vomit or their nose gets blocked (a common side effect of Viagra)

Keeping someone restrained in an upright position for a long time makes it more likely they’ll pass out.

Suspending someone (suspension bondage), especially upside down, is particularly risky as body weight can make it hard to breathe, dislocate limbs, damage nerves or cut off circulation. Someone could also pass out, suffocate or fall if the restraints give way.

Now and then, at least once an hour, check their hands and feet, that they are not cold or turning blue/Purple which would indicate that the circulation has been cut off. If so release AT ONCE. Even if there are no signs of a problem ask if they are OK and release if in any doubt.


Metal restraints cut into the skin more than rope or leather, so take care pressure isn’t pinching a nerve or at risk of fracturing a bone (e.g. by putting a pad of material between skin and restraint). If ankles or wrists are being secured with metal restraints, leaving gloves and boots on provides a barrier and protection.

When handcuffing someone, don’t fasten cuffs so close around the wrist that it gets painfully tight or cuts off the nerve or blood flow. Leave a small gap between skin and cuff.

When mummifying someone with tape or wrap the ankles being pressed together can become very uncomfortable quickly. Padding made from several layers of bubble wrap, or even a balled up pair of socks prevents or reduces this.

Thick rope looks impressive, but thin rope is better. Coreless or flat rope that takes a knot well is good. Cotton rope can be washed in a washing machine. Washing cotton rope with fabric conditioner makes it softer.

Sofy nylon rope can be good, but take care when tying or untying someone as drawing the rope across the skin can cause rope burns. You can seal the end with a flame, or use Plastidip.

Special flat-edged bondage scissors can be bought online from medical suppliers. They’re also called bandage or EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) scissors as they’re designed for medical staff to cut off bandages safely.

Leather bondage wrist and ankle cuffs have an advantage over metal restraints like handcuffs. They won’t cut off circulation or pinch nerves if someone’s putting their weight against them if struggling or lying on them.


The creators of Devus take no responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of its descriptions of sexual practices. The inclusion of links to external websites should not be understood to be an endorsement of such sites or their owners.

25 Oct

Tips for Subs

Tips for Subs

By BlondePete, used with permission.

Not much for you to do really – just lay there and have a good time! (Only joking)

General Tips

If you arrange a meet and can’t make it phone and say so – 40% of subs don’t turn up for one reason or another but it’s only polite to get in touch – Word will soon get around if you’re a time waster and it’s a very small scene, most of the serious players know each other!

If you commit to something in a scene try to see it through, nobody likes a sub who complains all the time, if you really can’t take any more then say so, but it’s always a good idea to say “Sorry Sir” even if it’s not your fault.  You can mention something unexpected though, for example, if something isn’t fitting right and is more uncomfortable than it’s meant to be, ask for it to be adjusted, tops should be knowledgeable and observant – but they aren’t psychic.

Don’t expect the first scene you have with a new Top to be perfect, you need to get to know each other before things really start to gel. Some scenes require the sub to have complete trust in the Top, this doesn’t often happen on the first meeting, but once you do trust him then stop worrying and relax – Panicking usually makes things far worse!

Don’t expect a Top to go to a lot of effort just to give you a good time, scenes are a two way thing and you have to make it worthwhile for the top, sometimes that just means giving a bit of feedback e.g. struggling against the bondage a bit, playing a role etc, sometimes it may mean you doing rather more (some of the best tops are bottoms too 
Don’t just lay there like a lump of dead meat, Tops hate that and will do something to get a reaction out of you (and might not stop) but don’t try and fake it either if it hurts do what comes naturally – make a noise.

Unless you try being a Top yourself you won’t realise the amount of hard work, planning and preparation that goes into a scene before, during and after, so do show a bit of appreciation and you might get asked back – There are a lot of subs about but very few Tops (and even fewer good ones!)
You might think it’s hard for you to be led around a club in just a leather jock or similar on a dog lead, bound & gagged – believe me it’s much harder to be the Top doing it

Don’t reject guys just because you think they’re too old or not attractive enough for you, they’re the ones who are most likely to be really good at the scene, it’s the young cute ones that probably don’t know what they’re doing!
You might well find that guys who switch are far more relaxed and fun than pure Tops, who often only get off on domination and imposing their will on you – great if that’s what you’re into, but bear it in mind. If you’re with a pure Top be very careful not to break the illusion, some of them are quite delicate really, bless them.

Sometimes subs are, by nature, more dominant than Tops.


Just like a lot of things on the BDSM scene your limits are set by your mind, not your body. I’m assuming here that you have a good Top who knows how to do pain properly. If you haven’t, get one who does!

The top will slowly increase the pain to give your body time to release endorphins (natural painkillers that are half the pleasure in pain). You will reach a point where you will start to struggle a lot and the pain will seem to be unbearable – if you can manage to relax at this point you will find that you can take the pain after all and that it’s starting to feel good as well as hurting, now you need to get off on the idea that you really want to take this from your Top, you’re taking it from him because you need to, once you can relax and find the idea of taking the pain exciting you can reach a state where you are almost floating free of your body and feel ecstatic – this is what pain is all about Smiley

Don’t expect it to work every time though, to begin with, it needs a very good Top and an experienced sub to do a pain scene well.


Some scenes are more difficult than others, to be a good dog or slave requires your head to be in the right place (on the floor at your master’s feet) – to some guys it comes naturally and they learn quickly – some guys will never learn because they can never stop thinking about themselves. Slave & dog training are the scenes where a sub has to really work.

It helps a lot of course if you have had a pet dog at some time and know how dogs behave. There are two main types of dog slave, the first type is mainly into being a dog and will often get treated a lot like a family pet, the second type is mainly into the humiliation etc and will like to be treated much worse than you would ever treat a dog – most guys like somewhere in between, but see TopDog1’s site for more detail than I can go into at the moment, perhaps I’ll do a dog page when I get time.


So you want to get fisted?

Nobody who hasn’t been fisted believes that it’s mostly in your mind whether you will take a fist, not physical, but it’s true.

You have to really want that fist inside you when you’re trying to get fisted, but you also have to be relaxed and really getting off on the scene – you can want it too much and pressure yourself.
If you’re lucky one day you will be in the middle of a very exciting scene and just find that you have a fist in your arse, but as this doesn’t happen that often you may have to do a bit of work 
If you’re setting out to try and get fisted then choose a guy you trust (preferably with smallish hands) and you can relax with and who knows what he’s doing!

Make sure your arse is clean, it won’t relax if it isn’t.

Most guys can take a fist until the knuckles get between the two muscles of entrance to the arse, then it starts to hurt a bit and they panic and tighten up, it does hurt a BIT, but not very much and once it’s in there is no pain at all (taking a fist out is hardly painful at all). So you need to be totally relaxed, don’t think about getting fisted, just think about how much you like what is happening and how much you want it inside you! It really helps if you’re very excited and if you do chemicals it can help to be quite stoned as well. 😉

You probably won’t manage the first time, but trying is a lot of fun as well, don’t think you’ve failed – just make every time you try a good experience.

A few tips are:-

  1. There is nothing like plenty of Crisco for fisting.
  2. With beginners always make movements slow and smooth.
  3. It takes a lot of pressure to get into an arse, but don’t jerk.
  4. Always make it a good scene whether you succeed or not

Also, of course, there is washing out ………

Once you get into fisting you seem to spend a large part of your life with either a nail file in your hand or a hose pipe up your arse, it is worth it in the end though.

Everyone has different methods for washing out, but here’s mine. I use one of the stainless steel shower attachments and once the water is at a comfortable temperature hold it against your arse, once you arse fills with water and the water starts coming out push the nozzle in. I relax the outer colon muscle now and insert the nozzle all the way up, although this might need a bit of practice. By clamping the colon muscle round the nozzle you can fill the colon up with water until you can feel it just below nipple height, relax the muscle again and the water should come out, repeat this several times until the water runs clean. Now withdraw the nozzle until it is just in the arse and rinse it out. To make sure all the water is out, put a finger right into the arse until you feel the entrance to the colon, relax this and hold everything open with the finger until the water stops coming out. If everything isn’t still completely clean start again from the beginning.

It’s a good idea to start washing out a couple of hours before fisting and then give yourself a small rinse out about 1/2 hour before.
If you have trouble with this you can cheat occasionally. Take 2 Imodium capsules first thing in the morning and another 2 mid-afternoon, you should then be able to wash out easily in the evening – but don’t do this too often as Imodium can really fuck your guts up if overused, once or twice a week max.


From the Sub’s point of view safety mainly consists of being careful who you let tie you up, most guys on the scene are really great, but there are a few who are incompetent and some who are just dangerous – if you’re going to see someone new ask around and see if anyone knows them, do their E-mails or phone calls sound sane? If you have any doubts don’t! and always leave a note of where you’ve gone.

Be sensible when you state your limits, anyone who goes around saying “No Limits” or “Up for Anything” is either certifiable or doesn’t know enough to realise exactly what that could mean.
Be aware of what a particular scene is going to entail before you say you want to do it. Usually, the reality is very different from the fantasy, if you think Dog Training is all about pats on the head and being told “Good Boy” you’re in for a shock!#

I’ve been asked to do things to guys that are impossible or asked to do things for a week that they could barely take for a few hours – If you have a fantasy think it through before you ask for it to be done (especially if you’re going to ask for “no get out”!). Unlike me, some guys will give you exactly what you ask for, even if they know you won’t be able to take it.
Your Body

Do look out for any bodily changes after a heavy scene, some quite serious conditions can occur without giving obvious signs.
What does your urine normally look like, what does it feel like when you have a crap. Do you feel unwell after a scene?

Symptoms to watch out for:

Discoloured urine

If your urine changes colour to dark brown or red this is very serious and you MUST go to a doctor. It could indicate damage to the kidneys. This can be caused by a direct blow to the kidney or by drinking too much piss. this can happen when you drink your piss over and over even with additional fluid.

Blood from the asshole

Small amounts of red blood are often seen after a heavy fucking scene or after fisting, this is not unusual. However, if the bleeding continues for more than a day or if there is a lot of pain seek medical advice. If you feel sick and shivery and have a cold sweat you must go to a doctor – if you develop a fever as well this is a serious medical emergency.

Cloudy urine

If there is no pain all this indicates is that you have not come in ages. But if there is pain and the urine has a rank smell it could indicate a bladder infection. This can be caused by all sorts of things. If you have been catheterised it is a good idea to drink plenty of citrus juice immediately after – lemon squash is also good.


Shock is the body’s way of saying it cannot cope with the demands being put on it. You will feel faint, shivery, sick and thirsty. All sorts of things can lead to shock including pain. Do not drink anything, moistening the lips with plain water is ok. Lie down. Get yourself covered in something warm. If the symptoms persist for more than a few minutes you should go to a hospital. Shock is very serious and can kill if not treated.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with ideas for this page – it’s comforting to know that a lot guys really do understand what they’re doing and the risks involved, and are willing to share their experience with others.
It’s a shame everyone on the scene doesn’t take the trouble to find out!

25 Oct

How to get your boy into Chastity!

Topless young man

If you want to develop a relationship with a male as your sub, this is the most potent thing you can do. Take away his manhood. Whether for a long term relationship, or a casual hookup buddy, this will consistently work. (as long as you hold the key). At first he will hate it and love it. And then he will crave it. Whether he is into kink or not. It will change his focus and he will hunger for more. Even a hardened Top will crave this new feeling. Make a bet with someone you like and then take him down his new path.

1. Tell him why you want to place him into a chastity cage, “I want you to be your horniest around me”.

2. Start simple. I recommend a polycarbonate device.

3. Put it on for him. Be careful and gentle. Don’t start out with uncomfortable pain. You want to integrate it seamlessly. The first time takes a while. If he has hair down there, leave it. He will discover he needs to shave on his own. Shaving will be his gift to you, if you want it.

4. Put his clothes on and take him out somewhere where you can both see how it feels while walking, sitting etc. (If he has pain, take it off. You want to get him into chastity, not hate you. Try another device.)

5. When you get home, take it off. Have him jack off for you. Then have him do it again. And again. At this point you should have no physical contact with him until he is caged.

6. Have him put it on himself. This is usually the time he will bring up shaving. This is up to you. If you let him shave, do it right. Downward strokes. You also want that freshly shaved area dry and exfoliated to prevent razor bumps. (While you have his clothes off, try to sneak the extra key into his wallet for emergencies etc.)

7. Tell him he will be in it for three days. That’s just enough time to drive him crazy. All he will think about now is his dick and how horny he is.

8. Introduce him to his nipples. Have him wear a Shirt and lightly play with them. Not nipple torture, light pleasure. Explain to him that the nipples are directly connected to his prostate area, and with training he can have an orgasm that feels great, but leaves him just as horny. This will take the attention off his penis while giving him a new path to pleasure. Anal play is for you, not him.

9. Monitor him. Check for his comfort. This might not be the right cage for him. It can be too tight over time or too loose and pull out. (Try the Holy Trainer!)

10. On day three he will really want to cum. (You can play with him before this time). It’s time for his first ruined orgasm. Have his hands behind his back, take the penis portion of the cage off only and stroke him making sure to let it go just as he is about to cum. This will ensure that this way of cumming is not pleasant for him and over time, he will not want it any more. Lock him back up. This time for 7 days. (He might not want to now, but he will soon. It is highly addictive.)

11. Have him really concentrate on using his nipples for pleasure. After some practice he will be able to release some boy juice into his cage relieving some pressure from his balls, but keeping him horny.

12. On day 7 give him another ruined orgasm. Keep on this 7 day schedule until he requests more. He will.

Now you have a good boy that wants nothing more than to please you, because it pleases him in his very depths.