This week our security certificate expired over the May Bank Holiday and we couldn't get it updated until Tuesday.

Google "encourages" sites to use secure protocols so that when sensitive information like credit card details are being sent over the internet they are safe from anyone snooping. They way they "encourage" it is to put dire warnings for sites whose security certificate has expired. So you may have seen messqages saying the site was unsafe, and your details may be stolen, this is not correct.

We don't ever collect or hold card details at or on our servers. When you enter your payment details you are not communicating with Devus, you are connected directly to either our Card Processor, Stripe, or PayPal, both of which use their own secure protocols, the card details don't pass through our servers and are not stored on our system, except that they tell us the last 4 digits of the card so we can tall you which card you paid with, like they do on supermarket receipts.