How Legendary Yorkshire-man Became Mayor Of Folsom Street

Born in Yorkshire, England in 1928, Alan Selby was a graduate of the British public school system which has long provided a backdrop for S/M fantasies and scenarios. His older brother organised “playful” assaults in which he and his friends would pin Alan to the ground in the “common room” and force-feed him cigar smoke. Selby swore to himself that he himself would never be a victim again.

Bound to Please

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Temporary Neutering via Testicular Heating

Ever wished your slave would stop performing irritating habits? Ever wondered if you could get your pup to stop complaining about your bad habits? In this advanced form of training, you can “mould” your dog-slave into a pup that only wants to serve, doesn’t care about anything except you, and only looks forward to the next “heating”. Follow these steps, and that pup will only care about two things, you, and when it’ll get the next “heating”.