Remote Control Electro Shock Chastity Device

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Remote Control Electro Shock Chastity Device

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We sold a wired version of these in the past and they were very popular. Now it has gone WIRELESS!

You now have the possibility of controlling your man in public. Stimulation or punishment, you choose.

Use a water-based lubricant to ensure good contact. Do not use silicone lubricant as it may damage the electro pads inside the device.

The controller box and remote can be used for other electro devices with the same plug. The Electro chastity device can also be used with more powerful electro boxes in the playroom.

Material: ABS

Colour: Black/Clear/Red  choose

Size: one size, adjustable with spacers


  • 1 Cock Cage
  • 1 cable
  • 1 wireless Remote power Box (No manual or battery)


  1. Insert battery into the device and the controller, the led light on them will flash for 2 seconds, then off.
  2. Press the On button for three seconds to turn on or off.
  3. Choose  Auto,  and the device will cycle through 6 different patterns.
  4. + increases the intensity, starting at 0 and increasing with each press
  5. – reduces the intensity by one level with each press
  6. Select NUMB for the specific function for massage
  7. Press  Mode to cycle through the 6 different patterns.
  8. Every time device receives the signal from the controller, the light on it will flash.

How to use :

  1. Install battery for controller and host.
  2. Connect the electroshock accessory to the host, then wear it on the body. We recommend a water-based or specialist electro lube.
  3. Turn on the controller and host at the same time, press the ” Mode” button, if the light on the host flash, it means the host and the controller are matched successfully.
  4. Press “+” to adjust the strength to enjoy the electrical stimulation.




Weight 0.200 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm
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Red, Black, Transparent


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