Temporary Neutering via Testicular Heating

Ever wished your slave would stop performing irritating habits? Ever wondered if you could get your pup to stop complaining about your bad habits? In this advanced form of training, you can “mould” your dog-slave into a pup that only wants to serve, doesn’t care about anything except you, and only looks forward to the next “heating”. Follow these steps, and that pup will only care about two things, you, and when it’ll get the next “heating”.

Basically, this system allows you, the master, to control your dog-slaves sex drive. Repeated “heating” neuters your dog slave to the point where all it wants is to serve you. The techniques described can be abused. When heating is in progress, your dog-slave is extremely susceptible to suggestions and orders. CAUTION though, don’t go too hot. Extreme heating or “super heating” can burn, or even permanently damage your puppy.

Materials Needed

A quantity of 6 “heat packs”. These are standard gel heating packs that are available at most pharmacies and pound stores.

A “crock pot” or another similar device. A crock-pot is an electric cooker which slow-cooks stews and such foods. We use it to heat the heat packs. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE A MICROWAVE OVEN FOR HEATING THE PACKS. {Unless you can avoid a trip to the hospital! }Microwaves heat them too hot and can damage your puppy’s testicles.

A cut-off sock. Used for insulating the testicles. The toe section of a wool sock makes the perfect insulator, simply slip it around the testicles and tie.

A bootlace or similar device is used to tie off the testicles. They should be tight, but not such that all blood flow is cut off. Our purpose is to reversibly neuter, not permanently destroy.

A piece of blanket, or other good, flexible insulator. Cut a hole in it such that it slips over the tied testicles and insulates the rest of the crotch area. You should also make it big enough that you can wrap up the package, using the piece of blanket to hold the heat packs in place.

How to Heat

Set your crock-pot to low, and put in water and your 6 heat packs. You can jump-start the process by putting in hot water. Once the packs have started to heat up:

Slip a luke warm heat pack into your dog’s underwear. Let his balls begin to drop. This is very important, as the first tie-off should be comfortable. You might want to do this a couple of times over a 20-minute duration that’ll ensure that pups balls are ready for tying.

Put your dogslaves balls in the cut-off sock, and tie them off. Don’t tie too tight, just tight enough such that your dogslave feels comfortable. This comfort is important as your dogslave must trust you. Too tight and the tie will become uncomfortable and your pup will want out.

Insert your dogs tied balls through the hole you cut in your piece of blanket.

Make your dog sit in a chair.

Put one warm heat pack underneath the testicles, and put another on top.

Now, wrap the blanket such that it holds the packs in place.

{ Large amounts of alcohol or anything else you can come up with,can be used as a sedative & is recommended at this point ! }

Have your dogslave put on a pair of underwear or shorts to hold the whole thing in place.

It is very important that the dog doesn’t have contact with the heat packs. If it knows what the temperature is, it may shy away from the whole experience. Also, make sure the heat packs aren’t too hot at this stage. You should be able to comfortably hold a heat pack against your face, if you can’t, they’re too hot, so turn down your crock-pot.

Start rotating heat packs approximately every 30 minutes, then every 20 minutes, and then every 10 minutes. During this rotation, your dog will become very sedate. Talk to your pup, ask him who he serves and what his purpose is. Make sure he understands that he should serve only you. Tell him that heat is good. The hotter the better! Get creative, make a tape he can listen to. We’ve found that answering machine tapes are great. They repeat automatically the desired message over and over again. Make sure you have your dog wear headphones though so you don’t have to put up with it.

Check the temperature of your dog’s balls. It should be quite warm in there after an hour or two. Once it is warm, re-tie the testicles a little tighter. Your dog should actually ask you for this if you’re heating properly.

Try to get your dog to beg for more heat. It may take repeated heating before he’ll beg, but eventually, he will. Once he starts begging for more heat you can start super-heating.


Your dog will learn to love being heated. It makes your pup feel warm all over and makes him love you and serve you better than ever before. If you’re doing things right, your dogs cum will become clear, a sign that it’s no longer producing sperm. This is the desired result, as reduced sperm means reduced testosterone and more time for serving you, and less time touching himself. The next step is to add super-heating to the end of the heating session. To superheat, turn your crock pot to high, make sure the water isn’t boiling though if so, turn it down or you’ll damage your pup.

Have your pup sit on a table, or anywhere that he can spread his legs widely.

It’s a good idea to add a second cut-off sock to the one you’ve already got in place. This will give an extra layer of insulation so you won’t shock your puppy with the heat of the pack.

{ More alcohol or other should be continued throughout the superheating session. }

Again, place one pack on top and one on the bottom. Rotate these packs every 4 to 6 minutes for about 20 to 30 minutes. Usually, your pup will climax and end the session in about 20 minutes, but if he doesn’t, you should terminate the session within 30 minutes.

Hypnotic State and Suggested Affirmations

You should make a tape for your dog to listen to. If not, talk to him, tell him he’s a stupid dog and that you’re the master. Ask him who his master is. Ask him what his purpose in life is (serving you). For the tape, we suggest statements like “Heat is good” “More Heat” “You serve only —–” “the hotter the better” . Don’t make suggestions like “you’re never hungry”, instead say “your master wants you thinner”, or “you only eat when your master says you can eat”. Your dogs lave will have these statements ringing in his head long after the heating is over. If you make a suggestion like “you’re never hungry” then the concept of hunger, and thus eating, will ring through your dog-slaves head when you’re not around. A good tape requires some thought in advance.

Short-Term Effects

Your pup will be far more subservient. He’ll want your direction, and he’ll beg for more heat. Eventually, he won’t be able to cum without heat. His cum will become clear, and he’ll become more submissive.

Long-Term Effects

Subservience, submission, the dog will make every attempt to please you. It’ll decide it likes what you like, and you’ll seldom have to punish it.

Suggested Schedule

Heating should be done once a week initially. Once your dog-slave starts to beg for heating, 2 to 3 times per week is more than enough. Once it has been neutered (clear cum) 2 times a week is more than enough. If you really want to see the positive effect it’s had on your pup, stop heating for a month. You’ll see your dog-slave return to its rebellious former self, and you’ll start heating again right away.

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