Metal Snake Cage Chastity Device with Anal Hook


Combined cockring, chastity device and anal intruder.

He is going to be so frustrated when the cock-ring is making him want to get hard, the metal ball is stimulating his prostate, the bar of the anal intrider os massaging his frenum and the Snake Cage Chastity device is stopping him getting hard. Wear it under clothes and see what it feels like when walking about.

  • Inside diameter of the cockring is 45 mm. (1.8″)
  • Inside diameter of the tube is 36 mm. (1.4″)
  • The length of the steelcage is 100 mm. (4″)
  • The ball diameter is 30mm. (1.2″)
  • The weight of this item is approximately 430g. (15oz)

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